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Madame Sonia Delaunay, di Gerard Lo Monaco

Madame Sonia Delaunay, di Gerard Lo Monaco

€ 180,00Prezzo

Madame Sonia Delaunay

di Gerard Lo Monaco

Tate Publishing 2014


20×15 cm


This is book is a sophisticated and innovative pop-up book that introduces readers to the artwork of Sonia Delaunay and will appeal to both adults and children alike. It has been published to coincide with a major retrospective of Sonia Delaunay’s work at Tate Modern in Spring 2015.

Madame Sonia Delaunay is a pop-up book by renowned art director and paper engineer Gérard Lo Monaco. The book features pop-up illustrations based on paintings, textiles and costume designs by Sonia Delaunay.

Gérard Lo Monaco’s highly expressive gouache illustrations convey the same energy and verve of Delaunay’s original artwork which, for reference, are reproduced at the back of the book.

Readers will not only to be informed and amused but also inspired by this contemporary interpretation of Delaunay’s work.

Gerard Lo Monaco is an Argentinian illustrator, art director and paper engineer based in Paris. His work includes poster designs, album covers, and books for children including contemporary interpretations of the Little Prince and Moby Dick in pop-up.

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    7 p., ill.

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